Welcome to MADE IN GBG!

MADE IN GBG is a small one-man company where I, Daniel, design and manufacture unique paintings and interior details with sustainability and care in focus.

I work with local suppliers and retailers to deliver products I can be proud of, and which will grace your home for many years. The material I mainly work in is wood, but as the company develops, new exciting products and materials will appear!

Welcome to MADE IN GBG!


    I only work with local suppliers to be able to ensure the highest quality and durability of everything I deliver.


    I am passionate about the personal meeting and love to produce paintings and interior design according to your wishes. Get in touch and I promise it will be good!

About me and the company

MADE IN GBG was founded by me Christmas 2021 and has grown steadily since then. Today I have my studio and workshop at HantVerket Väst in the heart of the Old Town in Gothenburg, where all paintings and other products are made by me.

I also have another workshop in Hisingen, where I have the opportunity to manufacture other things to order, everything from welded constructions to furniture or 3D prints.

If you have questions about the paintings, ideas about products or wonder about how I make the paintings, you are more than happy to hear from me! MADE IN GBG is not my full-time job, so it may take some time before I respond, but I promise I will respond as soon as I can, usually within a day or two!