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Map with any location

Map with any location

Completely unique wooden paintings with motifs from any place in the world. Sustainably produced, completely according to your wishes!

The delivery time for all paintings is currently about 4-6 years due to extremely high pressure and vacation times. Do you need it faster? Email me and I'm sure it can be solved!



All the paintings are made in poplar from a local supplier. Note that wood is a living material, which can cause the painting to change shape slightly, depending on humidity changes in the room it hangs in. The artwork thus remains alive!


The frame in which the painting is delivered is a solid wood frame, with maple veneer as the surface layer. The motif is protected by a sheet of real picture glass.



The motif is protected by a sheet of real picture glass and can be wiped off just like any other glass surface.

The frame can easily be wiped with a damp cloth, but do not use strong cleaning agents that can discolour the wood.


The board is best mounted with two nails or screws in the wall. Since the board consists of wood that is cut out to a different extent on all boards, the center of gravity is not exactly in the middle, which can be a bit confusing. I've made a small mark on the back where the approximate center of gravity is, which makes it easier to install, but if you feel unsure, put two nails or screws about 15cm apart and it will sit well!

Note that the painting is NOT black, this is only to visualize it better on the screen.

Your street? The place where you met? The summer cottage in Dalarna? You choose entirely yourself which motif you want on the painting and I make sure you get a painting that meets all your wishes! A perfect gift for someone you love, or why not for yourself to pay tribute to the place that means something to you.

All blocks are cut out and what remains is a network of roads and water that make up the city. Where the material has been cut away, you can see straight through the painting, which means that it fits perfectly regardless of which wall you choose to mount it on.

  • The map is made in 4 mm poplar of high quality from a local supplier.
  • Supplied with matching frame in solid, durable wood and glass from Kållereds Ramlistfabrik.
  • The painting is made with love in the workshop in Jonsered outside Gothenburg and each painting is carefully processed by me personally, to ensure that you get a painting of the absolute highest quality.

For every painting that is sold goes SEK 100 unabated Suicide Zero , an organization that works to reduce mental illness in Sweden. I also send a thank you note in each painting, with more information.

Due to the way the board is manufactured, minor adjustments will need to be made for all parts to fit together. Thus, the painting may deviate slightly from the exact motif shown on the screen.

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Hi, I'm Daniel

MADE IN GBG is a small one-man company where I, Daniel, design and manufacture unique paintings and interior details with sustainability and care in focus. I work with local suppliers and retailers to deliver products I can be proud of, and which will grace your home for many years.

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